Hugs and smiles all around after stolen bike recovered


2019-11-05 15:35 PST

File # 2019-16937

Cst Long and Cameryn

When 12-year-old Cameryn White had his bike stolen in May of 2019, he was devastated. With no replacement bike in the works and summer just around the corner, the reality of having no wheels was quickly setting in.

The theft was reported to the Nanaimo RCMP and weeks before, Cameryn’s Mom took the time to register it on the Project 529 app. A neighbour’s security camera showed a blurry image of the thief, skulking around their back yard the night before, cutting the lock then making off with the bike.

Flash forward to October 29th 2019, when Constable Mark Long, while on patrol, sees an individual pushing two bikes and a scooter. Cst. long decided to have a chat with this person and in doing so, his curiosity piqued when he noticed that one of the bikes had a 529 Garage sticker affixed to it. This discovery lead to the officer to discover that the bike in question was registered to Cameryn White and was listed on police databases as stolen. Busted!

Of course the suspect male told the officer that he had found it so, without hesitation Cst. Long seized the bike from the male and returned it to the detachment. The bike appeared was in pretty rough shape so on the spot, Cst. Long decided to take it a local bike shop, and from his own pocket, paid to have it totally refurbished and repaired.

The next day Cameryn’s Mom was called with the good news. She brought Cameryn to the detachment, and later that same day, he posed with Cst. Long and his prized bike, for a celebratory picture.

This a great story with an even better ending. Were not sure who was happier; Cst. Long or Cameryn. Either way, it was a win-win for both and another reminder of the importance of taking 5 minutes out of your day and registering your bikes at Project 529, said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

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